Make your own fudge at this Mackinac Island shop


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Ryba's Mackinac Island Fudge Experience

Visitors to Mackinac Island know all about the deliciousness of fudge. With multiple fudge shops sending out their sweet sugar-and-chocolate fragrance through downtown, you can’t go 20 paces on Main Street without getting a chance to step inside for a treat.

But what if you – and your family or friends – were the ones behind that marble slab where all that fudge-making magic happens every day? What if you got to stir the mixture in the copper pots and heft the fudge-turning paddle to make your very own long loaf of Mackinac Island fudge?

Ryba’s Fudge Shops is now offering this personalized Fudgemaking Experience. Known for its more than 20 varieties of classic and gourmet fudge tucked into its signature little pink boxes, Ryba’s expert confection makers are offering a 30-minute private fudge-crafting experience for up to four people at a time in a group. Each person will receive three fresh-cut fudge slices from the loaf – and a bag filled with fudgie swag to take away as a souvenir.

The Fudgemaking Experience can be booked for $500. Find more details and how to make a reservation on Ryba’s website.

“Immerse yourself in a hands-on fudge experience, witnessing the time-honored process firsthand,” Ryba’s staff said. “From the copper pot to the confectionary, pour, mix, and shape the fudge, creating your very own chocolate fudge loaf. Discover the artistry, science, skill, and muscle required to perfect this sweet treat.”

Ryba’s has offered this experience informally in past years after receiving some requests from fudge aficionados, but this is the first season it’s being offered to the public, said Heather Tamlyn, marketing director for Ryba’s.

Just like taking an island carriage tour or walking up the steps to Fort Mackinac, fudge is an iconic Mackinac experience, whether your tastes run to Ryba’s chocolate, chocolate cherry, or the more unique flavors like pistachio, Oreo, salted caramel or strawberry. Ryba’s even has a vegan chocolate fudge that’s in demand.

But most people don’t get beyond selecting their favorite flavor to enjoy on vacation or take home. That’s why this Fudgemaking Experience is so special – it gives people the opportunity to create fun memories with family and friends, Tamlyn said.

“Whether you’re a devoted fudge enthusiast or simply seeking a unique and enjoyable activity, the hands-on fudge experience at Ryba’s Fudge Shops promises fun and a delectable taste of nostalgia. Come and join us as we celebrate the timeless tradition of handcrafted fudge, leaving you with sweet memories that will last a lifetime.”